Super Stacker 4

Still haven’t had enough stacking all sorts of shapes? Look no further as Super Stacker 4 comes along. As always the game will have you stacking shapes and making towers to your heart’s content. As always the question is, can your tower last before the timer expires?

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Gameplay and Objectives

The game is really not much different from it’s predecessors as the core gameplay has remained intact in the games. The game will throw you various shapes of varying sizes. It’s up to you to stack them and form a tower. Don’t let any shape fall as you stack them together or that’s a game over right there and you’ll have to restart the level. Once this is done, and the tower is still standing a clock icon will appear. The clock will count down a certain amount of time. If that time has expired and the tower you have stacked still stands, you have cleared the level and you can proceed to the next level.

The Shapes

The game gives you various shapes to work with. New to this game is the star shape.

Squares: This shape is the simplest to stack. It’s shape alone makes it simple to use.

Rectangles: Also simple to use stacking them is pretty straightforward.

Triangles: It gets a little difficult here as they can form ramps where other shapes fall off.

Circles: Will probably be the most difficult to stack all the time. Being circles, they can easily fall off and that’s the end of your tower right there.

Trapezoid: This irregular shape is a little difficult to stack but not as difficult as the circle.

Star: This shape can really give you fits if you let it. If you don’t stack it right, just like the circle your tower can come crumbling down in an instant.

The Levels and Difficulty:

As you progress through each level, the difficulty increases substantially. The towers will be more and more difficult to stack, with each shape coming at a very inopportune moment. As in most installments the game will sometimes throw you a huge shape at the worst moment and this can really cause your tower to tumble. Key here is making sure the base of the tower is good. As always a good foundation can really make for a strong tower.

super stacker 4

As an added extra, the level editor returns in the game. This is really a welcome addition as always, as it’s great to not just stack stuff but to make your own level and let other players play it. Customize everything from the shapes, to the order when you can pick them, to the number of shapes to be used in stacking. It’s really good clean fun where you can let your creativity shine through.

Graphics and sound

As always the graphics retain their cartoon look and appearance. They also retain a colorful and 3D appearance now making for very imposing towers when you’ve finally stacked them all together.

Sound is also very good as the individual voices of the shapes return and add comic relief when you stack them all up. The effect of hearing a shape moan when being stacked or when it falls is both humorous and strange. The option to turn on or off the music is still there. But why turn off the music when it sounds even funnier with the music on?

Age appropriateness

As always with all the colors and cartoon shapes in this game it is very appropriate to be played by children and of all ages. Start stacking if you haven’t already!

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