Super Stacker 3 walkthrough

Super Stacker 3 is the next follow-up in the Super stacker series. As always the game tests your mental abilities and sequential thinking by having you stack various shapes and creating a tower. The tower must then last and stand for 10 seconds. It sounds simple but a combination of various shapes and their sizes, and a lot of strangely placed shapes make it more than challenging. You’re going to need a lot of planning and good positioning to get the shapes in place properly.

Game Objectives and Tips

Stack the shapes given to you. Make sure to stack them properly and to be sure that the tower holds. Once it is standing the timer will begin a countdown. The tower has to last and stand for 10 seconds. A good rule to follow here is to make sure the base is very steady. A good tower will always stand as long as it’s got good legs and a great foundation to stand on. That’s where it will all begin. Also do not drop the shapes down hard. Dropping them hard will cause the tower to shake and sometimes this will cause it to fall over.

Pay attention to the names of the levels. The titles usually are tips in themselves as to how you should stack the shapes for the maximum time of your tower to stand. Also, whenever possible, stack the big shapes first so as to make a good foundation or base. Ideally the smallest shapes must be at the top most position of your tower. This is because they’re the lightest and balancing them will be the simplest to do. The heaviest shapes will make the best foundation.

The Shapes

There are various shapes in the game and each shape has it’s own challenge on being stacked. Here are the shapes:

Squares: the square still remains the simplest shape to stack. Because of it’s stable shape it’s great as a shape to use on the foundation of your tower. Just watch out as sometimes the game will give you very big squares which can cause an imbalance and a collapse of your tower.

Rectangles: The rectangles make even better foundations than the squares because of their length. Great for use as a platform to stack multiple shapes. Even if you are given a large or heavy rectangle, because of it’s length it’s usually still easy to balance.

Triangles: Use these shapes with caution. The triangles serve as ramps and if not stacked properly can lead to other shapes sliding off them. They can also be poor foundational shapes.

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Circles: As always the circles are the trickiest shapes to stack. Being round they can easily roll off like wheels. It’s best to block them off the ramps with other shapes whenever possible.

Trapezoids: The trapezoids are not so difficult to balance as they would seem. As long as they are stacked properly you won’t really have much of a problem with them. Just watch out for their irregular ramp like tops.


There are three difficulty settings in the game. Easy mode, medium mode, and difficult mode. Each mode is as their names say more difficult than the next. It’s better to play the game first at the Easy setting if you’re new to the series and then progress to the medium setting and finally to the hard setting. The level editor has again been retained in this installment of the game. Feel free to play it to express your creativity if solving the game’s challenging puzzles become a bit too much for you.


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