Super Stacker 2

Play Super Stacker 2 the sequel to the hit puzzle game, Super Stacker. If you loved the first game the second will have you playing even more puzzles that will test your brain. See how all the shapes fit together and stack them accordingly.

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Game objectives and Gameplay

Just like the first game, the objectives and gameplay of the sequel is pretty straightforward and simple. You are given various shapes with various sizes to work with. Simply create a tower with them and stack them all up. Once you have completed your tower structure, a clock will be displayed, and the structure you have created must stand for as long as the clock is ticking. If it does, you can progress to the next level. If it falls, you will have to repeat the level. This seems to be very simple and straightforward. Especially as the game will throw you basic squares in the first levels to stack. But it is not as easy as it seems.

Tips and things to watch out for

The game will throw you various shapes of various sizes. It will not all be squares. There will be rectangles, triangles, and circles later in the stages. The game also has a strange tendency now to throw you huge shapes as the last shape to stack. This can really drop the stacks at the last possible moment and have you repeating levels in frustration. Watch out for this.

Also watch out for huge shapes like the squares and rectangles. They will be thrown at you at the worst possible moments. As stated above, you’ll need to place the smaller shapes in the proper position below to support them.

As in the previous game, watch out for the titles of the levels. The clever wordplays still give clues on how you should stack the shapes up.

super stacker 2

New Improvements in the game

There are a lot of significant changes in the game that are immediately noticeable. The graphics have actually improved considerably, as the blocks and shapes have a more colorful, animated, and 3D appearance now. The colors are brighter and they actually look to have some mass now. The sound quality has also improved. Surprisingly, the shapes now have voices when stacked. When you fail in a level, strangely enough, an old dial tone sound is produced. It’s a strange throwback to the old days of landlines and dial phones.  All these details make for a humorous look, feel and presentation to the game. There’s even an option to turn off the in-game music now by clicking on the right click mouse button.

There are also now Easy, Medium, Tricky, and Difficult stacks now available. The stacks now have a difficulty level to work with. The other stacks can be unlocked but you have to finish all the easy stacks first. The levels all total 40 but it’s not even done there. When you’ve finished them all there’s even a bonus mode to unlock after all the stacks have been played through and a level editor to make your custom stacks, test them, then play them or share them with other players. The makers of the game did not waste any time and set to making very playable improvements in this game.

Age appropriateness

As always, there is no violence in this game to be concerned about. The shapes are all colorful, cartoon-like, and very appealing in the eyes of kids. Kids would even be encouraged to play this game as it ‘s a great way to test their creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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