Super Stacker 2 walkthrough

Super Stacker 2 is a sequel to the puzle game Super Stacker. If you played the first game this game is pretty much quite similar to the first game. There are some key differences which will make stacking the shapes a little bit more difficult but overall this is a great game to test your skills and puzzle solving abilities.

Game Objectives

As in the first game you are given a number of shapes of varying sizes. You are then asked to stack them in the form of a tower. At this point do not drop any shape as this will result in a repeat of the level. Once the tower stands a clock icon will be displayed. It will tick up to a certain time. This is your time limit. You will have to stack the shapes in such a way that the tower stands for as long as the clock is ticking. Once the clock has stopped ticking and it is still standing, you have cleared the level and can proceed to the next level.

Shapes to watch out for and other things

Various shapes will be thrown at you in this game. Here is a brief rundown of the shapes:

Squares: the most straightforward of all the shapes, squares are the ones easily stacked. Because of their shape and natural balance and stability you won’t have much difficulty with the squares. Just watch out when the game throws you big squares they can be very troublesome to balance and can cause your tower to fall if the base is too small to support the big shape’s weight.

Rectangles: just as easy to balance as the squares if not even easier. The rectangles are longer and because of their length make great broad bases for towers. Would be great to use as a foundation for towers.

Triangles: you may have a little difficulty here as the triangles are well, triangles. Because of this, they can act as ramps which can have other shapes sliding off if you’re not careful. Use with caution and balance carefully.

Circles: Clearly the peskiest and trickiest shape to stack. Because they’re circles, if you’re not careful they will fall off. Block them off by using other shapes to corner them if you’re on a ramp. And if possible, they should never be used as a base for the tower.

super stacker

things to watch out for

Watch out for the game to throw you huge shapes towards the end of making your tower. If you’re not careful and your tower has an unsteady base this is a disaster waiting to happen. You will almost surely have the tower collapse because of the shape’s huge size. Watch out for this and make sure your base is always steady. A good foundation will keep your tower standing longer. Also do not drop your shapes far from the other shapes. Don’t make the drop distance too high. Simply drop them very close to the other shapes so as to gently let them down on the ground. If you drop them from a far height they can drop and cause the tower to shake and get unsteady. Whereas if you gently let them down the tower will not rock violently and it will be more stable and have a longer time to stand.

Also pay very careful attention to the wordplay involved in the title of the levels themselves. They give hints as to how best stack the shapes. The game now has four modes of difficulty. Easy, medium, tricky and hard stacks. There is also a bonus mode to be unlocked.


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