Super Stacker 1

Play Super Stacker, a very cute and engaging puzzle game that will test your brain and have you figuring out how shapes stack and fit together.

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Game objectives and Gameplay

The objective of the game is very simple. The game gives you different sets of shapes to work with. As you get the shapes, simply stack them together to make an ascending tower thus it’s name, Super Stacker. When you’ve stacked them all together and they are standing, a clock will be displayed. This clock will tick away the seconds and your stack must stay together for as long as the time is ticking. When the time expires and the stack is still standing, you would have beaten the level and advanced. This is a very simple concept in theory. And the first levels will be extremely simple, almost as if a child could do it.

But as you progress through the game, it will get considerably more difficult to achieve this seemingly basic and simple task. The first shapes are generally just squares, so stacking them up will not really be much of a problem. The difficulty will be immediately noticeable as the game will give you shapes that aren’t really easy to stack.

Their size differences will be immediately noticeable. Big squares will become small squares, thus not being as strong to hold other shapes aloft.

It gets even more difficult when the game begins to throw you other shapes aside from squares. The game will give you rectangles, triangles and even circles of various shapes and sizes. Stacking these up will be no easy task, especially the circles as they will tend to roll off.  You’re going to have to use your wits and creative thinking to stack them properly, and have your tower hold on before the time expires.

Some helpful Tips

Pay attention to the titles of the levels. They’re actually word plays and give clues on how you should stack the shapes. This is especially helpful when the shapes seem very odd and have no clear pattern as to how they should stack up.

super stacker

Also do not look out to make a perfect tower with a great shape. Although it’s true the shape of the tower is important to keep it steady while the time is ticking, it does not have to stand forever. Even an uneven or odd shaped tower is ok as long as it lasts through the time limit.

Watch out for the circles. These shapes are the trickiest to stack together as they will just roll off triangles or be unstable when holding up a huge square. They can actually however hold a triangle up pretty well. Just drop the triangle between them at the right angle and it will fall neatly between them.


Simply use the mouse to control where you want to place the shapes. When you have decided where you want your shapes to be places, left click the spot and the shape is placed there. Just be careful as you cannot take back the shape when you place it on the spot.

Graphics and sound

The graphics are pretty straightforward and simple. It’s cute shapes and they’re colorful to look at. The sound quality is surprisingly good for a game like this. The track played when you solve the puzzles are actually danceable upbeat, and catchy.

Age appropriateness

It’s almost laughable if you think that this game might not be suitable for all ages. There is absolutely no violence or violent content in this game. It’s not suitable, it’s perfect for all ages. All kids and adults are welcome to play!



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