Super Stacker 3

The Super Stacker series makes a return with Super Stacker 3, the latest follow up to the hit Super Stacker series. The first two games were pretty simple compared to this really tough puzzle game. As usual you must let the shapes fall as they will and stack them accordingly.

Ready? Set? Stack!

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Game objectives and Gameplay

As in the first 2 games, the objectives and gameplay of this third installment  is pretty much the same as the first 2 games. As always you are given a set number of shapes to work with in the game. Select the shapes and stack them accordingly. Once you have put up your tower without any shape falling off, the clock in the game begins ticking. Once it starts ticking, your tower must stand and hold for the given time. If the tower holds for as long as the clock is ticking you have beaten the level and you can advance to the next stage. Sounds simple, right? Not so!

Shapes in the game

As in the previous games, the game will throw different shapes at you. Aside from the old shapes to contend with there is a new strange shape to deal with. This is the trapezoid. This 5-shaped irregular shape will not be easy to stack with the others considering it’s uneven and strange shape.

The square also makes a return in this game. Probably the simplest shape to stack it will be pretty easy stacking this shape up. The triangle also makes a return in the game as does the rectangles and the circles. If anything, the circle is still probably the most difficult shape to stack up considering it’s round nature and tendency to roll over. The addition of the trapezoid just makes stacking all these shapes even more challenging!

super stacker 3

As always watch out for the names of the levels. These names often are hidden clues as to the nature of the level and how you should stack the shapes so do not dismiss them so easily.


As always the shapes have retained their great graphics and cartoon-like presentation from the previous game. This cartoony presentation really helps in giving the game a very cute and playable feel to it. The graphics are very humorous and child friendly. The sounds also retain their child-like feel from the previous game. The shapes still sound funny when being stacked on each other but now also have individual voices to match the shape. They really look and sound hilarious now.

The option to turn on and off the sound has still been retained so if you like the music to reflect the playfulness of the game you can keep it. Or if you can think better with more focus and silence, you can also turn off the music as you play.

super stacker


Adjustable Difficulty

The game’s difficulty can be adjusted to suit your needs. There is an Easy mode, a normal mode and a difficult mode to suit your tastes. The easy mode is as the name says very easy., The shapes usually fall into place at the right areas at all times. The normal mode is quite straightforward. There’s just the right element of challenge and difficulty and with a little effort it can be cleared easily. The difficult mode is really the hardest as the name says. The game often throws you shapes of the biggest and most unusual nature. The shapes are often difficult to balance because of their size and strange positioning. This is indeed the most difficult level.

As you can understand, Super Stacker 3 is a challenging and very fun game. If you are just starting out – choose the easy mode. When I first played this game, I thought- “Difficult mode? ha ! I can do it !”. I was surprised later on, it really was not as easy as I expected. I guess you have to take it easy, just as in life. By the way – the same thing happened to me when I played the Vex game at I quickly realized that you have to start slowly and only then try the difficult modes.

As always with such a great presentation and  challenging gameplay this game is suitable for all ages.

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